Bottom dump

California Dirt Dauber Set


Available in hybrid, aluminum or stainless steel wall combinations. Available with super singles or dual tires. Wide Variety of Dump Box Trailer size combinations. Transport of aggregates and asphalt.

Spider Belly


Belly dump box combination in HARDOX 450, hybrid aluminum and stainless steel hopper. Generally used to haul materials for large construction, commercial and paving projects practical unloading, sand, asphalt, and many other loose materials. Our two-axle belly dump trailers are constructed with raised sides, open top, and bottom gate open/close control electric override, super singles or dual tires and multiple suspensions available.

Greater load capacity.

Durability and Resistance.

Better manufacturing standards.

Top-notch quality.


Mechanic workshop for the
repair of damaged trailers.

Spare parts

Sale of original parts for the
maintenance of your trailers.